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Herbicide treatment programme

We offer extensive herbical treatments, ranging from stem injection, foliar application and wiping application. The application method is determined based on the site in question, e.g. proximity to other vegetation. Our inhouse horticulturist has developed a number of proprietary techniques around factors such as weather, plant condition, concetrations and mixtures to maximise the effect of our treatment programmes, 

If you are planning to administer the herbicide yourself, either by injection and/or foliar application then it is important that the dosages and timings correct. Overdosing the plant with herbicide will kill off the above ground material but can often force the plant rhizome into a dormant state, where regrowth can occur again in a few years time.

Often this resulting growth is stunted (known as ‘bonsai’ growth) and makes further treatments less effective due to lack of exposed plant area.

  • Can be the most cost effective solution.
  • Treatment can be carried out in situ without risk of spreading plant further.
  • Can require the site to remain undisturbed and monitored for a number of seasons to fully eradicate the plant
  • Restricted use near waterways and valuable vegetation.
  • Foliar spray application
  • Weed wiping application
  • Stem and Rhizome Injection

Foiler spray application

Foliar spray application

Foliage spray application can be carried out through a number of different mechanical means, e.g by knapsack, quad-bike sprayer etc. For larger scale infestations and for works Japanese Knotweed Ireland carries out on public roads, we have a number of specially equipped vehicles acting as mobile spray units.

Foiler spray

Weed wiping application

Weed wiping has significant advantages over foliar spraying or spot spraying when treating sensitive areas. The rope or sponge contains concentrated herbicide that can e applied to the targeted plant. With no off spray, wildlife habitats and species rich protected areas are less affected and it makes weed control healthier for you too. The downside is this method of control is far more time consuming, and may not be suitable for large infestations. Larger weed wipers can be towed behind a quadbike, taking adavantage of different heights of plants to apply the herbicide to the target plant.

Weed wiping application

Stem and Rhizome injection

Stem injection works by injecting a calibrated dose of herbicide directly into each cane of the weed, The herbicide is quickly absorbed by the plant and is translocated through the roots, giving effective control of notoriously difficult weeds. The most effective time to apply herbicides to woody plants is in autumn. At this time, before plant wintering, the remaining nutrients in the plant are drawn back down into the rhizome, thus making it a particularly good stage for it to draw the herbicide into the root also.

Stem and Rhizome injection

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