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Surveys, Reports and Site Managment

Japanese knotweed Ireland offers full survey services for Japanese Knotweed and other Invasive Non Native Species (INNS). With our in house horticulturist and Ecology consultants we are full equipped for both large and small scale survey requirements. Our operatives are trained in GIS and GPS technologies. Our services include desktop surveys, field work, digital mapping and creation of distribution maps.

Control of invasive plant species requires careful planning. And a plan is only as good as the data it’s formed on. Therefore we at Japanese Knotweed Ireland Ltd feel an accurate and detailed survey is the cornerstone of any control plan.

We provide services to many different levels, from Construction and Development companies, to Council and Housing associations, as well as State bodies.

After an initial site assessment and survey is undertaken, a suitable re-mediation report can be drafted that best suits the needs of the client. This involves full survey of the site and surrounding area, risk assessments, biosecurity, traffic management plans if required, and also outlining the control options best suited.

GPS survey and mapping

Site Management

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